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New tail lights

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Picked up new turn and brake lights for my 1st gen this week off of Amazon. These led lights are much brighter and use less power. The turn signals are 1156 bulbs and brake lights are 1157. Additionally when you apply the brake lights the fash 3 times and then stay on! The turn signals do flash more rapidly than stock.

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I installed load resistors when I changed my turn signal bulbs to LED to put the flash rate back to normal.

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@Devil Dog 03 I put similar 1157's (iBrightstar brand) in my FJR last week. And in my Vstrom. Good stuff.

I am keeping my conventional 1156 bulbs, until I do some more research.

That didn't take long. According to this thread:

Turn signal relay on a 2013 -- location | FJR Owners Forum

there is not a "turn signal flasher relay" as such, on my 2015. I'd be stuck living with hyperflash, or installing inline load resistors.

Not sure what the setup is on your 2004, whether it has a discrete turn signal flasher relay or not.

You can of course let the rear turn signals fast-flash. They'll still work as turn signals. Probably "technically" against some regulation, but I'd be surprised if someone got a ticket over it, at least in the US.

I would prefer to correct the LED turn signal fast-flash due to the following: As I understand it, the "fast flash" behavior was intended to alert the rider that one of the (conventional 1156) bulbs has died.

Especially on a motorcycle, it's pretty easy to check your lighting, but it would still be nice to know from the seat.
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