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There have been quite a few posts about this product arriving damaged plus this is another posted today.

Just word of caution...I received my hugger last Monday. At first glance it looked great, but on closer examination,the following defects we found:
1. The right rear support for the hugger is rather thin and flexible, it arrived with a visible crack. My opinion is that it appears this area is much too thin for the twist/shock it needs to endure for its designed used. It was damaged in freight, due to a rather flimsy boxt and poor internal support.

2. The left rear support for the hugger us an inverted "u-shaped" bracket that is supposed to fit on the one of the upper bolts of the differential. There are two defects here. The bracket is too narrow to fit over the bolt, seceondly. the "u-shape" does not provide a uniform bearing surface for the nut. I think this is critical, because it has teh potential to leak or crack if properly torqued. Instead of a "ushaped" bracket, it should be a round piece shaped like a flat washer
3. The paint matches the color (siver) nicely, but it is very soft. My opinion is that they forgot the clear coat.

I have been in touch with the manufacturer in France, after a 3 days of exchanging emails and pictures, they have asked me to return the hugger. Today I did, via FedEx priority at a cost of USD $266.80.

The idea is good, and while cosmetically it is acceptable, the structural design and manufacturing specification requires a revision.
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