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New FJR!

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Just bought my 2023 FJR1300ES…have been waiting months for this blue beauty to arrive from Hamamatsu. Rented a 2021 FJR for a day in Vegas last year and put 200 miles on it, quickly determined that “this will be my next motorcycle”! I had a 2020 Tracer 900GT (liked it, didn’t love it) that I traded in for this particular machine, anticipate that I will have it for many years to come. Will basically leave it stock other than a quad-lock phone mount. First observation is that I’ll have to keep a closer eye on my speed, this bike is so darn stable at high speed that it is easy to forget how fast I’m going haha!
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Welcome from Mississippi! Yes, it's a land rocket!
Welcome from Virginia!!
You say you'll leave it stock for now, but <wink, wink> we all know different. Time to order farkles!!!
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Welcome from NC! Let's see some pictures.
Welcome from Maryland, Eric. I just picked up a 2023 as well. It's a great machine!
Well, those “kinda stock” Yoshimura slip-ons are pretty sexy, but man are they proud of them! I’ll have to start working some overtime to buy those….
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Eric, welcome from nw Indiana ! A very wise man (Russ) here has for years advised new owners to simply ride their new bike for a while and things that need doing will become clear with miles and time, great advice !

The most common upgrades generally are the oe seat, risers/setbacks for the bars and a taller/bigger windshield. We can talk about all that here once you get an idea of what you want to change.
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Welcome to the Horde, Eric! Be among Friends!

Yeah, I want a set or Yoshis as well!! Overtime is right! :ROFLMAO:
Welcome from the Big Apple and congrats on your new ride. Enjoy! (y)
Hi Eric Harris! I played baseball when I was young with an Eric Harris but he moved to Columbine Colorado when the Plattsburgh Air Force Base closed and then, well the rest is history. Enjoy the FJR it's amazing!
Howdy. Welcome.
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