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Howdy. Welcome to the forum.

Advice? The screws holding the saddlebag locks to the cases: The dealers was supposed to Locktite them in place. I'd take a few minutes to check. You will need a T10 Security Torx bit and some blue Locktite. If you do not have one, Harbor Freight sells a set of security bits for about $7.

The torque specs for the engine oil drain bolt is too high. The "book" says 31 lb-ft. That tight and you risk stripping the bolt out. The specs of the final drive drain bolt (same size bolt into the same kind of aluminum cast is 17 lb-ft, a more reasonable figure.

Specs for the nut securing the rear axle is 90 lb-ft. 75 lb-ft is more reasonable.

Tire pressures: Many of us, by experiment, are running around 40FR/42RR. Book says 36 PSI front. I think 36 PSI leads to excessive cupping on the front.
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