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I bought the VStream windshield (P/N # N20301) and mounted it on my 05 FJR. Did a 150 mile loop today and am very pleased with it as it works pretty much as advertised.
Air coming over top is reasonably clean and free from turbulance, the ripping shreading noise is compleatly gone, can ride with face shield up in comfort. The sweet spot for me is ~ 1.5 inches up from lowest position & I am looking over the top with 2 or 3 inches to spare.
Previous shield was a C Bailey + 4 x + 2 with a forward kick and worked quite well but was noisey, even tried a Saeng edging on it which helped but was anoying to look over.
Some back pressure felt with VStream in raised position, I removed the air dam on base of tripple clamp, as I did on my 03, and got compleatly rid of the problem. (this does not effect cooling)
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