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pierre.lima said:
[*]It is not necessary to decelerate when engaging the sequential speeds, what make the new A/S faster than the previous model, because gear box changes are more rapid, either in acceleration or in speed reductions.
I guess you mean you do not return (ease) the throttle during accelarating and up-shifting? Will this not damage the gearbox?
FJR Owners Manual AEV(C) said:
Always return the throttle to the
closed position while changing
gears to avoid damaging the en-
gine, transmission, and drive
train, which are not designed to
withstand the shock of forced
Do you have to close the throttle before shifting? Is this not very difficult to do.
On the normal shift bike you pull the clutch at the same time you close the throttle, shift, and then open the throttle and at the same time engage the clutch again.
How do you do this on the AE? Close the throttle (bike dives), shift, open the throttle (bike lurches again) ???
Any experienced AE riders willing to comment on this?
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