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Finally picked all of her blue glory. The waiting, the paperwork, the money, will it all be worth it? To top it off, I didn't get her until 3 pm or so Saturday. I immediately put her on a easy 15 mile gaunt, pretty straight with some traffic but, I could tell right off that is was a special machine. People I know who picked theirs up keep their opinions to themselves. "You have to ride it yourself", that was the quote. With that said, I woke up Sunday morning, jump on the highway and looked for the sign Stating "Key West 189 miles".

My opinion (remember, I comming off a V-Star 650): Even staying below 4000 rpms this bike moves. If the 05 is faster, god bless you, I can scare myself on the slower version. The seat is very comfortable while riding. When stopped though it does feel WIDE (maybe if I was bow legged it would feel better). Probably something I'll get use too. The clutch was tight but, eaiser adjusted. The throttle was tight, we could use cruise control here. My right wrist was hurting but, not enough to stop. The smile on my face was way to big to stop for anything. She is heavy, I'll have to practice getting her on that center stand....any advice, please post. The ride is smooth, the longer swing arm doesn't affected performance at all....and gice such a great ride. I don't have any real issue with the back shock but, Florida is pretty flat. The windshield does whistle but, works effectively, there was some heat but, the cool breaze while moving offsets that. The temp gauge stayed one tick above the middle while in town, 2 ticks below while on the highway(haven't change the fairing up to see the difference). Gauges are easy to read at mid-day, controls are in comfortable. I may here that ticking noise ever so slightly, I will be looking out for this...seems to be in second gear only...not sure. I know someone posted a sound bite.

All in all.....a wonderful machine. Amazing in what is does. Simple, predictale power. Useful tricks and gadgets. I see why there is a long list of waiters and followers.

I had some much fun that I never brought out the digital camera but, I plan on heading to Naples next week if the wife allows LOL! Two weekend in a row. Maybe see already has!

Any question let me know. It is easy to answer now that I have it.
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