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I have a set of Lenkadapters to sell. All the parts are included, i.e., for each side, there are three long screws, three short screws, one clamp screw that enters from the edge to close the gap, and a couple of set screws that go in from the top. The calibration template is included, as is the original instruction sheet.

Due to their virtual indestructibility, they are as good as new in every respect. I had my brother in Germany purchase them for me before they were commonly available in the U.S. or the U.K., and I paid a lot more for them than what they can be obtained for at present. I believe that if you order them presently, by the time you pay shipping to the U.S. and do the currency conversion from British pounds, your total cost will be $180 - $185. I'll sell this pair for $160 and that will include the shipping. Payment will be PayPal, and only the seller pays fees to PayPal. If interested, send me a PM.

- Kaiser Soze
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