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MC-USA said:
However, there is simply no way that any auto-clutch gizmo can be as quickly reactive as an expert rider's clutch hand.
MC-USA said:
Those of you imagining racebike-quick gear changes will be disappointed. The shift itself happens quickly, but the time it takes for the clutch to disengage and reapply after the shift makes it a slower process than shifting a conventional transmission.
Toldja it was a novice rider apparatus. :twisted:

Abrupt on/off throttle coupled with a robo-clutch, you sure that would be helpful in stop-n-go traffic?

I've had 2 auto clutch ATVs and I can appreciate their benefits, but when balance is involved, I just think it's a different story.

- -

Well, they kicked the heat... that's great. They figured out a better windscreen... that's great. The gearshift indicator sounds sweet. I like the ambient temp readout. I don't know why they revised the gearing, but then I don't understand the people craving a sixth gear, as I've cruised mine in high 90s all day in nowhere TX... and the bike didn't need higher gearing or a sixth gear. I just wish they'd put the development budget into reducing weight instead of clutch-o-matic. Maybe that'll come in 2008. Maybe I can wear out my Ducati by then. ;)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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