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Right then the 1200GT is a quick sucker 157 with 130 bhp at the rear wheel while the 06 152 with a 120bhp, ST not really worth a mention.

Low speed:
1200GT seems to have a light switch throttle at low speeds like the Fjr but worse and the ST is the best at low speeds due to its V4 motor.

The BMW is a tad vague in the bends due to the Hosack front end, 06 very stable, ST wobbled really badly at 90mph.

No mention on the mpg at all strange?

ST the best, GT 2nd and Fjr 3rd due to poor screen design. But they did say that the ST screen wasn’t very good in the wet as couldn’t see!

Well all in all not to bad and since MCN was slating the ST there must be a new one coming out soon!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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