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Hello everyone!!!! Bought my '05 Blue steed August of 2020, so far the things I have done/added, picked up a Corbin Smuggler, Installed Racetech fork springs, 2016 rear shock assembly, New CCT, plugs while tank off, and I have Delkevic Titanium X-Oval slip ons to install. Being disabled USAF vet, I needed a bike with an upright riding position, and WOW, got so much more than that with an FJR, WHY DIDN'T I BUY ONE SOONER!!!!!!!

PS Does ANYONE have a set of Lenker risers they would like to sell? I bought a pair, absofreakinlutely can not find them now. I currently have Heli Risers on it now if someone would like to swap.
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