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I think I've decided on an FJR for my next bike. BMW is lurking but every time I hear about the odd issue and subsequent costs involved I revert back to the most reliable bike brand on the planet - Yamaha. I think my self-imposed budget is in the $4-5k range. I might be talked into spending a little more though for upgrades. I would like to start out thinkin I'd able to sell at not too much of a loss so the less expensive with the least miles and most upgrades the better - something we all want I reckon. :)

There is an 07 in my neck of the woods for around that but I'm continuing to educate myself on how/what/where I can get a really nice bike. I'm not that frugal but I've made mistakes if ya know what I mean. I've bought and shipped a bike before but don't want to do that again. Odd the way things work sometimes but there have been three 07's around here for sale lately. Looks like two have sold. I might be inclined for a fly and ride but not too far - we are still in the throes of a pandemic! I thought maybe I'd be up for a 2-4 drive but I couldn't muster it even for an 15' selling for trade in value. It was gone post haste.

I have had a cruiser-vstar 1100 (back no likey) a bunch of old Goldwings - I used to like working on them. I had a nice 14' CB 1100 but the ergo wasn't what I thought I wanted.

I still have my naked, cafe-ish 78 GL 1000 that I fixed up and sorta restored. Its a fun vintage bike but not so fun after a few hours. I don't have the heart to sell it just yet but after having multiple bikes (4) at one time - I like having just one.

I miss the fairing/windshield/bags of the big ole Goldwings (78-83) but I don't miss the weight. They were a little clunky too now that I reflect back.

I mistakenly posted my first post in the general thread without going here first.
So I am here to listen and learn. I already got good intel about the 07 throttle response.

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