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Last Minute. Cataluyna MotoGP

If you have not sorted out your biking holiday this year and fancy a reasonably “spirited ride” down through France to Barcelona, with the added bonus of watching the MotoGP (one spare ticket available for grandstand K - yours for £50), here is an opportunity to join the three of us. Us being me, my partner and my brother (age group 49 to 60) and one FJR1300 and one Aprillia Futura V1000. We sail from Portsmouth to Caen and my brother from Plymouth to Roscof at approximately 9am on the 9/06/06 arriving at our respective destinations around 3pm. meeting up in Janze on the first night. The return ferry is on the 23/06/06. Ferry cost for bike and rider approximately £150 return, We have done variations on this trip and it averages out around two thousand miles of mixed roads from motorway to twisty mountain passes. No accommodation is pre-booked - we stop when we have had enough. (with the possible exception of reserving something near to the track) so the whole trip is very fluid and relaxed. Most evenings are spent swapping tales of the days ride over dinner and washed down with a few beers and a glass of red or two. This rare opportunity to travel with three seasoned travellers who should know better has only become available as a result of “Tony the handsome bastard” not yet making a full recovery from spinal surgery, so why not make the most of Tony’s misfortune and come for a ride.
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