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08 FJR13AX
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Tire Wheel Sky Plant Fuel tank

My 2008 FJR A, photo taken at the original Woodstock site - rear right of photo

I bought this bike a year ago May. I'd been looking diligently for a 2008 or 2009, as I wanted the Five-speed, and it just had to be black! A Triumph dealership buddy found this on one "national" Craig's List, looked like a cherry... but it was way out in central Michigan. I spoke with the owner, made a deal, flew from NY to Detroit, took a two-hour bus ride past Ann Arbor... met the (older) gentleman, shook hands and rode it home.

Along the way I imagined hearing... noises... stress on a long trip can DO that sometimes.. freaked out along the NY Southern Tier and brought it to a Yamaha dealer at Hornell. I was SURE that there was something grinding in the drivetrain.. and they agreed! I started seating bullets as they discussed times and hours involved in pulling the motor to get to the forward gear bearing (inside the motor). I freaked.. but eventually decided to "chance it" and ride the bike the remaining four hours home.
Well, of course it turned out to be nothing worse than dry driveshaft splines... and my inexperience with the normal noises that a driveshaft makes. Live & Learn!

Sky Wheel Tire Fuel tank Vehicle

I've looked at FJR's for many years, always expected them to be overly heavy, (they truly aren't light of course), and avoided them as being too "boat-like". But I always imagined how I'd "mod" one... and when my trusty Bandit got turned back way up in the Rockies due to altitude sickness (it's carbureted), I swore that next time I went that way, I'd have a Fuel Injected bike to tackle the job.

Now- I'm leaving in two days for Oregon; yup, on the FJR this time.

My intent on this bike has been to move it more into the "sport" side of Sport Touring. While I understand this is no R1, and that many guys enjoy these bikes with tall fairings and handlebar risers, I wanted a slightly feel. So I cut an inch out of the bar height, (had an expert Ukranian welder from work TIG the halves together nicely).. cut an aftermarket, tinted screen down and shaped it... added some DominatoR cans.. sent the ECU out for re-flash... sliced-off the rear fender for use of a "tail tidy".. added an Adaptiv TPX radar detector... Sonic straight-wound springs up front (to my weight) and a new Hyperpro shock to the back. The bike feels much more responsive now, both in fueling and handling.. and I've found the 1" drop (and slight narrowing) of the bars is excellent for my back.

I've just mounted a pair of Shinko Raven 009's for my trip; I decided not to go with more expensive rubber as I'll just be burning these down on the Inter Slab.
For the next 10,000 miles and three weeks... we should really get to know each other!

Tire Wheel Cloud Sky Fuel tank
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