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I call this, "Still Life: Garage." This is the very current status of the bike.

Motor vehicle Wood Floor Automotive design Automotive tire

Partial de-farkling in process as I'm preparing this bike to move on to a new home, hopefully in the near future as we'll be acquiring a 2014 ES this week.

Near Garrison, MN on the shore of Lake Mille Lacs (behind me):
Tire Wheel Vehicle Plant Automotive tire

Lunch break on a hot day:
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive lighting

We decided that since we aren't getting any younger and wanted to take some trips, a better mount than our 2003 V-Strom might be in order. We found on Craigslist this 2007 AE, acquired in 2019, to see if the FJR is right for us; we just can't get our heads around a Gold Wing. We're at least the third if not fourth owner of this AE. We've put about 15,000 miles on it in that time, and like it well enough to go for another in Gen 3 style. Hopefully, this will go to someone wanting an economical entry to the world of the FJR!

We've ridden all over Minnesota and Iowa. Last September, we rode from MN to Gettysburg, PA for the Tour of Honor "Ride-To-Meet." Two weeks with one side case per person and a trunk with shared necessities for the wife, the bike, and me, made for a good adventure. We managed to stay off Interstate highways for most of the trip. We learned that Garmin has some interesting concepts for "Avoid Highways," that seem to include farmyards in West Virginia. US-30 in western PA was a trip in itself! Planning to go to Idaho this fall.

What's been done to the bike?

I have added:
New PR5 GTs before the PA trip
Gen 3 rear shock (great upgrade!)
T-Rex bars, front and back
Sargent saddle, which I liked and my wife didn't. Replaced with a custom Seth Laam creation
GIVI SR357 replaced the factory rear rack to better support the trunk & sub-frame
HeliBars plate with risers because I'm tall
Cortech 18L tank bag
Real Time Industries front reflectives
MRA X-Creen
Denali horn mounted to the T-Rex left guard
LED headlights (Katana brand)
RAM mounts, left & right for phone & Garmin XT
Blind spot mirrors

It came to me with:
CalSci XL windscreen.
Real Time Industries rear reflectives
Grip Puppies
Frame sliders

Have a great June, everyone!
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