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Welcome to the July Bike of the Month Competition!


Congratulations to our June BOTM winner, @Oldjeep

Please follow all instructions posted below

  1. You must add 3 Photos; no more, no less. NO Collages. Pictures must be of the current state of your vehicle. Avoid having any people in your images.
  2. List any/all Legal Modifications to your vehicle if you have done any.*
  3. The bike must be yours. Bikes waiting to be purchased may not be included
  4. Include a short description of your favourite aspect of your bike, or your favourite memory or ride taken with your bike*
  5. Votes for the month’s winner will be tallied by the number of “Likes” your post has on the last day of the month. The winner at the end of the month will win a free 1 Year Premium Membership for the forum and a custom flair under their username. If the winner is already a premium member, their subscription will be extended an additional year.
  6. Remember, please post your entries and pictures in this thread.
  7. If you have won in a previous month, you can no longer enter for the rest of the year. However, if you have a second bike that meets the above criteria, you can enter that.

* These are optional but encouraged

Winners will be featured on the sites gallery, found here. Gallery

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Ok, let me try again...
Here is my 94 Vmax w/95 fire red color. (The fastest color I am told.) Modded air box w/k & n filter, jetted, Holeshot 4:2 exhaust, engine internals are stock with just over 71k miles. Holeshot frame braces, superbrace fork brace, progressive fork springs and rear shocks lowered 1/2", venture final drive unit, (brings final ratio to 3.30:1 from 3.66:1) Star tear drop mirrors and engine guards/highway pegs. Seat modified by Blue Ridge Sportmax.huh
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Hello from Kentucky!!!! Bought my 2005 August 2020 from an elderly gentleman that had bought it new. It came with factory side bags and trunk and I rode it until October never taking it above 5k because it still had the original cct installed, and finally got it out of the shop last part of April. Between August to October I got lucky and bought a good used Corbin Smuggler, Corbin one piece seat with passenger backrest, good used Uniden radar detector with clutch/brake reservoir mount, I bought a used low mile 2016 rear shock from Australia to get rid of the weak stock rear shock, I picked up the heat blanket from eBay to lower engine to tank temps, modified relay arm, Techmount steering stem mount for the gps mount, Murph's driver lowering pegs, yes I know, but I have a trashed right knee evil necessity, Beowulf's radiator screen, and R-Gaza's YCCS crash bars.

While in the shop I had the CCT, plugs, valves checked, Racetech front fork springs, 2016 rear shock and modified relay arm installed, full lube service, All Balls front fork seals, and All Balls tapered steering bearing, and Pirelli Angel GT Aspec front tire and Pirelli Angel GT2 A spec in the 190 width installed out back. Just ordered a Garmin Zumo XT and Touratech mount today.

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While I enjoy looking at beautifully restored vintage motorcycles, and pristinely clean and polished ones too, these do not exist in my world. Though I suppose I could polish up my bikes I’d much rather spend my time riding them, and so I present to you my entry for the July 2021 Bike-Of-The-Month “competition”: My 2013 Yamaha Super Tenere with 187,600km (116,659 miles) on the odometer, perhaps the best motorcycle I’ve ever owned. She’s been ridden hard and put away wet many times, though not wet from being washed, and she has never left me stranded. This bike truly is a “Do Everything” motorcycle – the SUV of the motorcycle world, and that’s a good thing. She is overweight, underpowered, ugly and scarred, and I love her.

Below I’ve listed the things that I’ve had to do/change/replace over the 8 ½ riding seasons that we’ve been together.

35 oil changes
18 oil filters
13 FD oil changes
11 front tires
17 rear tires
3 coolant changes
3 valve checks/adjustments
3 air filters
3 brake/clutch fluid changes
2 sets of front brake pads
2 sets of rear brake pads
6 headlight bulbs
1 battery
1 set of front wheel bearings
1 set of rear wheel bearings
2 sets of steering head bearings
1 set of swing arm bearings
1 rear shock
3 sets of spark plugs
1 rear wheel and spoke set
3 FD rebuilds (after leaks)

Accessories added include:
AltRider engine/crash guard
AltRider stump pan
AltRider luggage rack
AltRider side stand switch protector
AltRider rear brake master cylinder guard
AltRider U-joint guard
10” Jessie Bags and mounting hardware
Fenda Extenda
Shock Sox
BeadRider seat cover
Yamaha fairing winglets
Yamaha headlight protector
Madstad adjustable windshield bracket
2 Ram Mounts
GoCruise throttle lock
Cramp Buster
3M Paint Protection Film kit for the tank
Turtle Vest tether
12 volt flat connector
12 volt coaxial cable
IBA license plate backing
Water bottle holder
Mud, bug guts, scuff marks

Notable rides:
3 Iron Butt Association Rides completed – Saddlesore 1600km (24 hours), Saddlesore2000km (24 hours) combined with a Bun Burner 2500km (36 hours).

This bike has been ridden as far north in the Province of Ontario as was possible in 2015 (the road has since been extended by about 60km) on a permanent road (read - not an ice road): 250km (155 miles) of gravel road north of Central Patricia, Ontario.



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OK, so I no longer own Scorpion, but I had it for 18 years.
1980 Yamaha XS11SG

When I was in high school I used to go to the Yamaha shop and dream about owning this bike one day, but knew it would probably not ever happen. I would sit on it, and just imagine blasting up the Blue Ridge Parkway, or touring in Western Maryland.

20 years later, I was in a place where I could now have a toy to play with as my kids were getting older, more independent, and I could get away for a little while. I am in Texas, and found Scorpion in Shreveport, Louisiana. I rented a trailer, and went to get it. $1,500.00 and 5 hours later, I was towing Scorpion home.


Scorpion has brought me so much pleasure, happiness, frustration but ultimately a bliss I could only dream about, back in the day. It was truly an amazing, fast, sometimes dangerous bike, that I will always cherish.


Here is Scorpion, packed to the hilt, on a trip to the Ouachita mountains for an XS11 meet. No, it was not a touring bike. Yamaha intended these bikes to last maybe 4 years or so. It was designed to be a get around town, or take a quick ride for fun. Let me repeat, it was not designed for touring! But tour it did! I did maybe 7 or 8 XS11 meets with Scorpion. All amazing rides, on a most noble, sometimes uncomfortable steed!

I did sell it on. It was time. I wanted something newer, better. I had a Kawasaki Voyager XII, that was also amazing! It WAS a touring bike, and tour we did!! But it wasn't what I was really wanting. I have Yamaha running through my veins... always have, always will.

In 2013, a used 2006 Yamaha FJR was traded in, at my local Yamaha shop... The rest is history.

What I did to Scorpion:

Aftermarket bigger mirrors
King and queen saddle with boat fabric upholstery
Stainless steel brake lines all around
TKat front fork brace
Engine guards and OEM Yamaha highway pegs
Accel coil mod
Fuse block upgrade from glass to plug fuses
Mac 4-into-2 complete exhaust
K&N Filter
Carb rejetting for K&N, Accel and exhaust mods
Barnett carbon fiber clutch plates and discs
Progressive springs front and rear
XJ11 footpegs (Notice the chrome ends!)
Tail light relocation to accommodate bags.
K&G Aftermarket tail rack
Speedo swap from the 85MPH max to the '79 160MPH max speedo
OEM gunfighter fairing when I toured
All Balls tapered steering stem bearings upper and lower
Stebel air horn

Scorpion reintroduced me to what I had been missing... riding. I will always have a fond memory of it, in my heart. Not just the bike, but of riding and the feeling of freedom it gave me.
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I have owned many motorcycles over the years but my 2016 Yamaha FJR1300A is about as good as it gets. As most of us know, not many bikes compare to the high level of performance the FJR offers. It truly is a great sport tourer with tremendous power and handling. As long as I ride there will always be one in my garage. Since purchasing it a few years ago I have taken her on multiple long trips all over the southeast. Already in 2021 I have taken two, 2000 miles adventures to WVA, VA, TENN, GA, SC, and NC with great friends. Priceless times and memories. Many of us go to Deal's Gap but this is one of the hidden gem photo spots in the area just across Fontana Dam.


I am very fortunate to live in Upstate SC where I am close to arguably the best motorcycling in the eastern USA. Besides a couple long trips a year I usually will head out for 200 mile loop rides to areas all over SC and WNC at least once a week and ride all year. I have roughly 5 favorites that normally include the Blue Ridge Parkway since it runs east to west to the north of my home. I recently added a Laam Custom Seat which is fantastic for comfort to go along with Heli Bars the help bring back the bars. For protection I also added R Gazza Crash Bars to offer peace of mind while on the road.


The Blue Ridge Parkway never gets old and my FJR is perfect for it. Summer is never too hot when you have the parkway nearby as it can be 90+ at home and in the 60's at elevation. Many times I will be throwing my mesh jacket liner on if I am up there for awhile in the middle of the summer. I have ridden the whole 469 miles 3 times one of which included the 133 miles of Skyline Drive. I really like the SW Motech Evo Tank bag I purchased for the bike. Just the right size and it slopes nicely on the FJR's tank. It attaches to a ring so easy on and off. If you have another bike you can put an additional ring on it and swap the tank bag between the two. I recently purchased a Garmin XT GPS. If you want the brightest screen out there this is it and fits perfectly on the ball mount between the handle bars. Lastly I purchased a RokForm Ball Mount Adaptor and Case so I can mount my phone on the bike as well. Great quality. I hope you all enjoyed the many reasons why I love my FJR and the great times and rides I have had on it.


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