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Hi all

A group of us are thinking of planning a two week trip to St Petersburg, Russia in mid June. An outline route could be:-

1. Ferry Harwich to Hague
2. Drive Hague to Berlin to Gdansk to Riga to St Petersburg to Helsinki.
3. Ferry to Stockholm.
4. Drive to Gothenburg.
5. Ferry to Newcastle
6. Drive to Stranraer
7. Ferry to Larne and drive back to Dublin.

I am fairly sure that some FJR people will have done trips in this area. I am particularly interested to know if there are difficulties in travelling the section (2) from Berlin to Helsinki. Border delays, visas, customs hassle, 'extra' payments this kind of thing.

Any other hints, tips, things to see, hotel recommendations, web links would be very much appreciated. You could pm me to avoid boring the other forum members.

Linden Lee
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Ok, I'm biast.

But I would replace the ride around the southern baltics with one around the northen end, especially as you are planning the trip in June.

The midnight sun above the polar circle is an unforgettable experience.

The roads up through the Finnish lake district are fantastic.

Loads of good roads in Sweden (if you keep away from the E4, that's like any other M-way) or the alternative of going down through the twisty Norway.

My suggested trip would therefore be:

Up through Denmark
Across to Sweden
Ride to Stockholm
Ferry to either Finland or Estonia (there have been reports of strange police behaviour in Estonia but as they are hoping to join EU, I assume this is a thing of the past)
Ride to St. Peters'
Ride back to Finland and turn North.
Carry on going North until you can turn West without getting wet.
Depending on time restraints either carry on North to Nord-cap or turn South.
Again depending on time available, either South through Sweden (if you manage to do this when the (us) swedes celebrate 'midsummer's eve' I truly reccommend this route and to plann to be around Leksand, Mora or Orsa during the festivities BUT be warned - you all know what us swedes are famous for) or down through the twistier Norway with the roads following their interesting coast line.
Back via Bergen and the ferry across to UK.

If you have any questions or need help with detailed planning about the Scandinavian part of your jurney, please don't hesitate to contact me, I lived in that neck of the woods for over 29 years (of which I were on two wheels for about 13).

If your group isn't to 'closed' it might even be possible for you to convince a former Scandinavian native (me) to come along.
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