Trying to give my 2009 a twin sister. I am looking for the following:

  • Throttlemeister friction knob/anti vib weights
  • mirror extenders (my old link is 404)
  • Good pair of frame sliders. I think I've seen some that have replaceable caps. New or used .
  • Good aftermarket seat. Needs to be able to install in the high position. I have a Seargent on my 1st 2009 and I like it. Second FJR came with a Corbin that sits too low - I have no use for it. Looks new.
  • Highway Pegs. New bike came with a pair that was custom (Gerauld?). I love them and want another pair new or used.
  • Used headlight housing.

If you happen to know of on-line retailers that sell these things new, could you provide the links? All but the seats, I know where to find them new.

I live in Vancouver canada but have a postal service in Blaine WA or NC