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"I have a dream ride ...II" Brisbane FJR Riders

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Twelve months ago or so, a Brisbane based FJR rider had a strange dream. His dream was to get as many FJR riders in the one place as possible. That was almost one year ago.

The day was an absolute success. We ended up with 14 or so FJR's and had a great ride to the picture point (Thanks to David).

I was wondering if anyone would be interested to do it all again. Maybe at different location this time. (I think last years spot is built on now).

I would love to do it again and catch up with everyone !! Who's in?

Belly rode all the way from Newcastle to join our ride and picture. Anyone from anywhere is welcome...this is an FJR day !!!

"Moose the dreamer"
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Thommo and other potential riders,

The clock is ticking faster than my brain. I have wrecked my brain trying to come up with a location and ride route. I have come up with two ideas...
1. The same route as last year ...but longer...more riding....but the picture somewhere else? or route 2,

2. Meet at Mount Coot-tha for picture with Bris-vegas in the background and ride up to Mt Mee via Glorious, stamford Dayboro...blah blah and take another shot with the glasshouse mountains in the background. Nice long ride with a lunchstop half way...maybe Dayboro on the way back or at Mt Glorious.

I know some of you avoid glorious and Mt Mee because of the cops....but lets take it easy and enjoy the company, scenery and rest stops. Husteling time was last weekend :crylarf:

What do you guys think? How does 9AM for meeting time at Mount Coot-tha sound?

Sounds like a done deal to me moose, i'll look up the map to find mt cootha
Hi All,

Sounds good to me, hopefully over this ^^%$%%@^% flu by then !!
Just watching this post and wondering where Mt Cootha is? Or do you mean Mount Coot-tha?

I was wondering when someone was going to pick-up on this obvious mistake.

Well done mate..

Mount Coot-tha is the correct way to spell it, pronounced "Mownt Coofa".

Your not a school teacher are you JWM? :crylarf:

Diksleksic Muus :oops:
err.. so there is a diference? beats me, i was just gussing brisay somewhere. all i need is a time to be there and a map, i'll find the place :)
No moose, not a school teacher. It's probably just that us blokes from New South are a bit more intellectual than most Queenslanders (only joking).

Actually I couldn't find it on a map and that was the spelling that Goggle suggested. Thank god for computers.
I'm actually contemplating doing either this ride or the "far Ride' to Cooroy on the 29th September. I won't make a final choice until closer to the date but I reckon that the eastern states need a representative present just to keep you guys in place.
Jwm - if you decide to do both, we have a spare room you can use for the week in-between as a base for exploring the local roads (subject to the Minister for Entertainment and the Arts not having pre-allocated it to another worthy cause).
Be good to see you at both Jwm, need another feejer at teh farride, we seem to only get the none colour turning up :crylarf:
Definitely won't be both, just one or the other. So many things to do and so little time in which to do them. Either trip will be a 2 or 3 day effort.
Hey everyone,

I have been very busy with work and other crap for the past month now, and a few others have said that they are busy around the 23rd of September anyway. I would therefore suggest that the proposed ride and picture shoot be postponed for another time. I have not organised anything yet!! :shock:

I haven't been able to set aside a good ride and investigate shoot locations either. I would hate to go somewhere and be unorganised. Sorry for the let-down to those who where planning to come...but I promise a better effort next time. Maybe we can get this ride going in about a month and a half instead? I've got some dates and a route in mind. If we can do it on the 21st October it will give me plenty of time to sort it out.

I was thinking of doing this Route:

MountCoot-Tha (Meet and greet, Picture with Brissy in Back-ground)
Dayboro (Smoko Break or little lunch)
MountMee (Picture with Glasshouse Mountains in back from picnic ground)
MountainViewRd (Lunch and chit-chat)
Peachester (ride through Glasshouse Mountain National Park back to Brissy)
Caboolture (Coffee, fuel and farewells....leave from here to head home as group or induvidual)
back to MountCoot-Tha is a 266 KM loop that will take about 5 hours including stops.

I think this is a realy nice ride...twisties, straights, hills, valleys, great view and good company most of all. It is not a race meet!!! Touring at it's best.
How does that sit with you guys? :oops:
I plan to do some flyers like last time and advertise a little better. We want more FJR's!!

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Sorry count me out am on my way back from the island as are a couple of the other FJR owners I was trying to get too come along.
1st W/e in November would be better.
I have a memorial service on October 20 and I think November is getting a bit close to the Snowy Ride. Ill keep monitoring this post and see what you Queenslanders decide.
Ok...this gives me another chance to come along but I too will be coming back from Melbourne at that time. It sounds like a great ride though so when dates get firmed up, I hope I can make it.

Hey Moose,

That sounds fine :)

Make it so !
Guys and girls, i'll be in murwillumbah on the 22nd or 23rd this mth approx lunch time. i'll let you know in a few days the exact details. If anyone is up for a ride they are welcome to come along.
Where is this up too, or had it died a natural 2007 death?
Hey Moose,

Is this still a good for the 21st ????
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