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Could anyone lucky enough to already be in the possession of an '06 FJR please let me know how the new linked front and rear brakes behave in the corners if/when you trail the rear brake? I recently took a spin on the '05 Honda VFR800 were the brake linkage is in both directions, i.e. front to rear and rear to front. The later really messes with your lines when you try to trail the rear on the corners.
According to the info on the Yamaha website the '06 FJR seems to have the brake linkage in both directions, I'm just curious if Yamaha did this better then Honda, enabling people to still trail the rear effectively…

Standard equipment Unified Braking System w/ABS: The front brake lever activates six of the eight front braking pistons; the rear brake pedal activates two rear pistons and the other two front pistons-for balanced anti-lock braking in all conditions.
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