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Hold my beer.....

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Hi guys and gals ~ I'm living in Sedona, AZ and today purchased a 2010 FJR 1300. Right now it's in California and will be shipped to me next week.

My last bike was a BMW R1200RT and it was a rocket.....I'm thinking this FJR will be sportier and more fun to drive.

First bike was in 1959 3 hp Briggs and Stratton mini bike with centrifugal clutch and no brakes....ridden all my life, 71 now.

I'll be searching for some upgrade ideas, riding, tech everything, I'm sure there's a wealth of knowledge here, don't know what I can contribute but here I am!


Clary Roberts
Sedona, AZ
2010 FJR 1300
24K Miles
Paid $6,250 out the door

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Nice find! I am assuming it is a California model which means it has the evaporative emissions charcoal canister. Can lead to some hot starting issues and makes removing the plastic pieces a PITA. If you ever have reason to remove the side panels you might want to remove it.
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Gen I - No cats in the exhaust, only the collector. Gen II - they did something different as exhaust cans went up in weight. IIRC, they added cats to the exhaust cans to what was already in the collector. Gen III+ - I am fairly certain they eliminated the cats in the exhaust cans again and weight went down.
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Ride more. Stress less. Nothing to see there. Move along.
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