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Ok, so I am a virgin (On this site that is).

But I need some advice and I hope you are the right guys to ask.

I am going to upgrade my bike (a Dullsville) and the model in my sights is the FJR.

I have looked at a 2002 model with 38000 miles on the clock, for a very reasonable wad of beer tokens due to cosmetic damage.
But what other faults should I look out for?

Are there any 'generic' faults (like the Deauville's flaking paint)?
Is 40k miles considered to be a high milage for an FJR?
Are there any design flaws (like the Deauville's screen)?
Is it difficult to carry out the maintenance yourself?
Is it expensive to get it serviced by a dealer?

Any other questions I missed out?
Like what tyres should I get?(Please, don't answer that one-I have had a look at previous threads :D )

Any, and all, advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanx in advance,

(In a freezing cold Surrey)

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Give a listen to the motor for a ticking sound...

but then just general motorcycle things.

At 40,000, lots of things need checking; bearings, seals, rotors, etc.

Servicing is pretty standard Jap bike, pretty straight forward.

If the price is right...


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Welcome Viking.

I also traded up from a Deauville 4 years ago and my next bike will also be an FJR - you will not be disappointed I assure you.

As mentioned, servicing is quite easy really and the amount of help that you get from us lot is fantastic. A workshop manual would help you.

Have a look at:

At 24k the valve shims should have been checked (which is an expensive part of that service) so make sure that was done. Any work done by a dealer is expensive isn't it?.

Generic faults and design flaws - well that's a whole can of opinions.

The paint is considered to be soft.
The rear wheel spacer was re-designed in 2002 to solve that one.
The rear shock is considered by many to be too soft - at 38k yours may be due for renewal. The OEM one can't be re-built and a new one is very expensive, OEM or aftermarket.
The heat issue - if you look on our old site there is hours of reading on this. Many consider the heat escaping onto the riders legs a big issue, but in real terms our weather doesn't create a problem too often....
Quite a number have suffered from low speed surging and balancing the throttle bodies sometimes doesn't help. This was cured by fitting a Power Commander.
As mentioned, a relatively small percentage of bikes world-wide had premature wear on the valve guides, due to incompatable metals, causing the bike to produce a loud ticking sound. Many were repaired under warranty - very, very expensive if not. Yamaha re-designed the guides, but it still happened. For 2006 models, we have to wait and see.

I'm sure more opinions will follow....

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You try and sell a bike with 38,000 miles on it to a dealer and they will tell you that it's worn out, however as far as the FJR is concerned that a load of horse feathers.
I had done 86,000 miles on my old bike with only routine servicing before it was written off in August by a SMIDSY, and it was still going like a train. In two of its three valve checks none of the shims needed changing.
I found a replacement with 70,000 on the clock that is now pushing 82,000, and again that has only had the scheduled maintenance.

Engine wise, as long as you don't get a ticker, they should last a lot longer than that. Only 145 hp out of a 1300 engine is a reasonably conservative specific power output for a modern multi-cylinder motorcycle engine, and the cycle parts seemto be holding up quite well, although some bits don't like the road salt if you ride all year round. Rear calipers need looking at every now and then, the paint finishes on the rear drive unit and caliper hanger can be suspect, and at the last service, the spanner monkey told me that the radiator was showing signs of corrosion.

Rabbits list is spot on, especially with respect to the rear shock.
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