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Sunday, 0825, Sunrise Highway, 5000ft, Black Oak and Jeffrey Pines.
0830, Desert View, 6,000ft, open roads, good pace.

The scent of Jeffry Pine and Black Oak in the morning air formed the backdrop for a luxurious morning solo ramble. The sole purpose being to beat the heat of mid day. Climbing out of the coastal confusion of the city early Sunday, the wide open and mostly empty Sunrise Highway reminds one of the energizing power of a beautuful mountain setting. Oak and pine trees encroach on the skyline. The early sun plays hide and seek in the monsoonal cloud cover. Lovely cool morning air flows freely through the mesh jacket and perferated pants. Man, I could take this all day. But the heat will not hold off long.
The names of local hiking trails add to the luxury of the moment. "Oasis Spring, Lightning Ridge, Sunset Trail, Big Laguna, Desert View," pass by forming ideas for another cool morning. It is indeed terrific to know this place exists as a refuge from the crazy mass media world of in your face confrontation. Two hours of bliss in the mountains, with time remaining to enjoy brunch near the foggy beach with the wife.

This is living!
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