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I am so green with envy. Budapest is my favourite city and, maybe I am odd, but I prefer to travel in the colder months. Prague, Vienna and Krakow are fabulous places as well but many years ago the Hungarian capital won my heart. I wouldn't expect to find a lot of FJRs on the road. As long as the snow stays away there will be small bikes and scooters but winter in these places is cold. Budapest will likely be the warmest of the 4 cities. The Tatra mountains that form the Polish/Slovak border have the effect of keeping the coldest weather north.

If you have the opportunity spend a day and night in Kosice, Slovakia you should do so. I'll make the assumption you are travelling by train. The train from Krakow to Budapest stops in Kosice. I lived there for 5 years in the 1990s and loved it. The city square is one of the great squares in Central Europe but the city is over-shadowed by the bigger (and not as nice) Bratislava. The most easterly gothic cathedral in Europe is in Kosice. And I don't know who said it but someone important (maybe Joos!) said "Where gothic architecture ends so ends Europe". So if you want to stand on the edge of Europe you should stop there.

Ljubljana and Zagreb are very nice as well. Of the two I prefer Ljubljana because I love the little bridges over the canals.

aldrichster have you travelled to these areas before?

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