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2003 FJR1300A
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Ok relay swapped with 2nd hand part and still the same deal.

So I've started testing wiring as per the factory service manual.
I sat and thought about a few things...I'm not getting any diagnostic test at all so i figured well could be the abs ECU and so I've conducted some testing there with a multi-meter.
I got to a section where you're testing the delete function on the ABS ECU.
Anything is worth a try!

Now when run test number 7:
Start switch on: LESS then 1V - I get 0.06 so all good there.
Start switch off: More than 12V - I get 10.2 to 10.6V on numerous tests.

Out of specification -> Replace the handlebar switch.

This could be the reason why I'm not getting any diagnostic test out of this bike...if the start switch isn't functioning perhaps it's not triggering the ABS ECU to try and run the test properly?

Would an after market universal start switch (with kill switch built in of course) suit to rectify this or would I have to go for a genuine yamaha part?

Would a start switch from an XJR1300 be ok to use?...they look the same as an FJR1300.

Thanks in advance guys. :grin2:

Hi, just wanted to ask how you have got on with the fault? Only I have a 2003 with exactly the same problem, ive done the easy stuff first before going deeper, but still the same fault!
21 - 21 of 21 Posts