Hi fellow FJR riders. I have a Gen III FJR and have spent 3-4 hours riding on the stock seat without a lot of discomfort, but wished for something that didn't have me shifting around as much. I love the idea of an after mark seat, but working as a full time missionary (since 1993), I don't have the budget to get one. I wonder if anyone has upgraded their seat and still has the original OEM one just sitting around? If so, would they consider selling it cheap or even giving it away for the shipping (to Muskegon MI) so that I could attempt to build my own aftermarket seat without messing up the one I'm using? As a trained pilot/mechanic I think I can give it a fair attempt at least.

Thanks for any replies or ideas on how I might upgrade to something more comfortable for the longer days in the saddle. I have a gel cushion I can switch out now and then that helps too, but a custom seat would be ideal.

If anyone is interested, the pictures are of a backrest I added for about $40. I don't particularly like the look but, my 62 yr old back thinks it's worth it. I couldn't find much for an FJR without spending big money. So, I purchased a backrest pad off Amazon and made some mounts out of flat bar from Home Depot that fit / mount under the passenger seat.

In the picture you see boot scuff marks on the seat. I've tried washing them off, but obviously that didn't work. Any ideas how to clean them off would be welcome.