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Funny noise

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Hi guys I have a gen 1 Fjr1300 2005. When I'm riding along and I lean into corners country lanes there is a noise coming from the bike can't really isolate it. It's not a knocking sound it's more like bearings. I have 82k km on the clock front wheel bearings replaced no difference CCT replaced green dot no difference. Not sure if it's the plastic catching wind or some engine bearing I have no idea but been like it for ages. No loss of power and I'm always on the motorway here in Germany 160 to 200kph no issues. Any ideas?
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Hi Speed, I would love to hear a recording of it, like from a GoPro, or something like that.

Could be a loose fairing, windshield, mirror, so hard to say.
Yes it's strange will see if I can record at some point but it's there as I slow down too just before standstill but not if just revving up
Have you serviced the shaft? And changed the rear dif oil?
My first thought is driveshaft/u-joint. In hard corners, your suspension runs at a lower attitude due to the G-forces. That puts the shaft and joint at a different angle than it would be at during straight riding.
It also may be a loose piece of inner fender in the rear or something that is rubbing when the suspension is compressed in a corner. Look for rub marks.

If you are running a car tire in the rear, it may be rubbing the brake stay.
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Speed, Maybe you can place your FJR on the center stand, and rotate the rear wheel, and see if you can duplicate any of the sound? It may only show up at speed, but it doesn't hurt to see.
Have you serviced the shaft? And changed the rear dif oil?
The rear diff is 7k km since i changed the oil but tell me a bit more on whats needed for the shaft service
Doubt very much that anyone in Germany would put a car tyre on a motorbike.

It could be your helmet that is creaking, my Shuberth C3 makes me think that there are noises coming from the front of the bike, but definately the helmet.
Car tyre! Thought you guys were joking! I have Metzler on mine but let me investigate the helmet and the vents. I have an agv but also wear earplugs
What are your tires like? Had a similar issue with a different bike that I could have sworn was bearings. Turned out to be irregular wear. Only during lean.
Tyres are awsome really grip in wet and dry can't see it being that
Are you using dual compound tires? The tunnel up through the forks amplifies the sound when I lean over with softer side tread.

Shaft service is two parts:

There's driveshaft spline service Mark Johnson's FJR Site (C) 1995-Present and there's universal joint spline service Mark Johnson's FJR Site (C) 1995-Present.
Not sure they are Metzler Roadtec 01 sc
By chance are you using the brakes when this house shows up ?
Hard to say what "knocking" is (or your definition of it) without being there to hear it..... video would be good.
Common things to lube..... rear suspension pivot bearings, drive shaft and U-joint. Look for loose/missing screws in plastic up front.... check under the lower triple clamp that you haven't lost a screw or loose, it can flap in the breeze.... tires can rumble if sides are worn and you lean.... look for cupping, keep the pressures up to 38-40 psi front and 42 rear.
What is the lower triple clamp? Any pics please? Thank you
Also the plastic in the front of the radiator below it. This whole thing is not fully secure has play in it. Is this normal?
It's just your tyres.
What is the lower triple clamp? Any pics please? Thank you
The lower triple clamp is the lower part of the steering head that holds your forks on...... there's a plastic air deflector mounted to the bottom of it with two shoulder screws.....
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