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2015 FJR1300es supersport touring motorcycle.

Located at 47970

Mint condition with 24k miles. All services up to date and meticulously performed by a mechanical engineer.

Oil and filter changed every 1000 miles with Mobil 1 Racing 4t

Electronic suspension

Vstream windsheild

All Balls tapered steering head bearings

Beowulf slip on exhaust

K&N air filter

Ivan’s ECU flash. This makes the bike run better than factory.

KXglow RGB underbody kit

LED headlights and auxiliary lights

TRex engine guards and saddlebag guards

Denali air horn

Neutrino Black Box bluetooth relay (controls up to 6 onboard devices with an app on your phone).

Scorpio 2 way alarm system

Sargent aftermarket seat

Volo Lights rear license plate frame

400w amplifier with 3 Polk audio marine grade speakers in Kicker pods. Sounds very clear and connects wirelessly

Smartphone handlebar mount

Radar detector handlebar mount

Pirelli Angel GT tires with about 70% life

Asking $10,500

B553B73C-D5EA-4A32-8EB9-22D4B2B54015.jpeg E2710605-8BD2-4246-AF56-26AAAD963D0F.jpeg F8EDA155-ECC0-4525-AC49-581CD2A67C62.jpeg 9B1FE487-24E4-4629-9841-4D2A5D995E76.jpeg 3A112B9A-6F55-4797-A74E-D3F361FC39AD.jpeg 3F44DBD5-5A79-4FBB-B6BF-4F3AAFB3370C.jpeg F575EC1B-A89A-4118-BD82-2E997AEDEC6E.jpeg 9542F607-08D9-4A7E-BBB6-A5D45672AD18.jpeg AC829ED4-ECE1-47E6-9542-739E09FA2C5D.jpeg 8C844595-BEC9-4BE3-A9B5-73568DED078A.jpeg

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Haha you’d think but its not wore out at all. It gets tightened to 1/4 turn past snug. Not to the specs in the manual.
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