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Custom machined Audiovox CCS-100 mount

Meticulously machined from billet 6061 T6 aircraft quality aluminum. The mount mates perfectly to the control pad supplied with the Audiovox CCS-100 Cruise Control kit. The control pad is recessed in the front of the mount, entirely concealing the wiring harness to provide optimum weather protection when correctly sealed at time of install. The mount also routes the harness out of the bottom, again to provide weather protection and to follow the stock FJR wire harness.

The mount will be available for both left and right side unused mirror mounts. Mounting hardware will be stainless steel, including an M10x1.25 right hand thread socket head cap screw. This is the correct size bolt for the unused left mirror mount hole. Also the mounting bolt supplied is not the commonly used M10x1.25 hex head bolt due to the visible handlebar location.

Included in the 2pc. design of the mount is some rotational adjustment for rider ergonomics. This mount is also contoured in the rear to work in conjunction with the 2nd generation V-Strom 1000 hand guards being used by some on the FJR.

Note: I do not have a source for the correct left hand threaded bolt used for the right side mirror hole on earlier model FJR's. Until such time that I can source this bolt, both left and right mounts will be supplied with a right hand threaded M10x1.25 socket head cap screw. US '04 and later FJR's are not drilled and tapped on the right side, so they can utilize the right hand threaded screw. Please check your bike before ordering, as not to be disappointed.

Note: The '06 FJRAE has no unused mirror mount hole on the left side, due to the up/down paddle shift assembly. So only the right hand mount will fit this model.

Note: The mount will not be supplied painted or anodized. This will be the responsibility of the buyer. FYI The mount shown in the picture on my bike is painted with semi-gloss black.

Note: If you look closely at the cad image view of the bottom of the mount, you will notice that there is only a small hole out of the bottom. This allows only enough room for the existing wiring loom of the CC Control Pad to fit through. This is required to keep the mount as compact as possible. Riders who have already installed their Control Pad will have to remove the stock supplied connector at the end of this wiring harness in order to route the wires through the hole.

Price delivered to the lower 48 states $70.00(72.00 via paypal). Production will start in the beginning of January, depending on demand.

If you would like one, please mail a check payable to Ian Laing to my shop's address. I will not cash it until the unit ships, I promise. All mounts will be shipped with UPS and a tracking # will also be sent to you, no PO Boxes.

In the envelope with the check, please give me your name, forum screen name, address, phone # and specify if you want a left side or right side mount.


16928 B Crestview Drive
Sonora, CA 95370

Any further questions I will try to answer below.

1 10 06 Edit: Paypal info. I have gotten a lot of requests to make a payment with paypal. If you wish to pay this way the total will be $72.00, this covers my transaction fee. My email address for paypal is ianl <at> pacbell <dot> net
When you select 'Category of Purchase' make sure it's for 'goods (other)'
Also provide all of the info I have requested above, name, forum name, address etc. Otherwise this will turn into a nightmare on my end.


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worldbound4now said:
Looks pretty cool, but the price is a bit steep. Any chance the price will go down if the volume climbs high enough?
Thanks for looking. For now the price will not be changing. Here's a sheetmetal version from Murph's Kits that may be more in your price range.

Happy new Year! :D
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