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I've just bought an '02 FJR, so I'm selling my much cherished red Divvy 900 which I've had for 7 years.

Before I stick it in MCN & eBay, I was just wondering if anyone/knows someone who might be interested in my Divvy?

It's '96 P reg, with 14,600 mls., is Datataged, with a remote alarm immob, crash bars, braided hoses, hugger and front mudguard extender. It has Nonfango side and top racks with two of their "840" side panniers. It has a new Hagon rear shock and Hagon variable rate front springs. 10 mnths MOT & 5 mnths RFL.

While it's 10 years old, it's in really good condition, has always been garaged and kept on a battery optimiser. All in all it is probably one of the top ones around and as you know, they just go on and on!

Price? in an ideal world when all the horse trading is done, I'd like about £2,000, which considering the mlge and all the extra bits looks to be a keen price from what I can see.


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