I bought this as a backup when I installed another final drive, {with RSV gearing} in my 07 FJR.

Of course, the first RSV-FD I put in never failed [Yamaha FD's never do} and now I have sold my 07 due to health reasons.

This one was done by John Furbar and was on a guys FJR for a few thousand miles till he decided he missed the standard gearing. I

f you put this FD on your FJR you will have, essentially, the same 5th gear ratio as the 2016 and newer 6 speed FJR's in 6th gear.

I LOVED it, as it brought the 5th gear RPM's down below 4000 rpm's at 75-80 mph, where I spend most of my time, and gave me some relief from my hands going to sleep while traveling and I never ran the darn thing like a drag racer anyway, too old, LOL.

If anyone is interested enough I can take more pictures of it, the paint isn't perfect, and I took pictures before I boxed it up and now don't have that phone. I don't want to tear the package up to take pic's if no one is interested.

The other one is a standard FJR FD and is the one I took off my FJR when I put the first RSV-FD on my 07, it had around 40,000 or so on it at that time, and I had changed the oil several times while I had it. I just want $50 plus shipping for it.