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Hi, Just joined this forum.
I have an 08 with 7600 miles. Bike was bought new in Arizona and shipped to thailand in 2010.
Due to changes in the rules here, wasn't able to register it.
I have all the export / import documents plus the original docs, title and tag from the states.
The bike has been stripped into sub units.
Engine is complete with all fueling and harnesses.
Frame is bare, subframe, swingarm etc....
Nose piece is complete.
The bike has never been down, although there are some handling marks on some of the plastics.
Aside from that, the bike is as close to perfect as you could expect.
I have photos of everything.
It has the factory panniers and ABS
Will supply vin and engine numbers on request
[email protected] 66-821723400 skype is geoff.cone1

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hi mate.
im from spore and need RHS mirror.
if u could provide some pics and price with shipping to 650272. tx

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