2008 FJR1300AE for sale. It has an electrical issue and left me stranded in Wyoming. For no reason the code SH___37 will appear and the shift lamp will come on. It will stay in that gear and will not de-clutch. After shipping it back to Illinois, took to the dealer and they told me it was a low voltage going to the shift motor, cleaned the contacts on the connector and sent me on my way. I took a 3600 mile trip the next year with no issues. Two years later got 200 miles down the road and same thing. I took the covers off, goofed with the shift lever, turning the key off and on numerous times for 2 hours and got it to work. Rode it back home without a problem. Very well maintained, all warranties and recalls addressed, only a couple of minor scratches. The front forks are leaking slightly. It has 66,000 miles on it and I have put about 10,000 on it myself. Rear Dunlop has about 500 miles on it, front about 1,500. I have put new frictions and steels in the clutch, all fluids changed and bled, etc., etc. If it weren't for the issue I would get on it and ride to Nova Scotia tomorrow. I really love the bike and the auto clutch, but not taking chances anymore as I bought another FJR. I am open to offers. I work a lot so do not have a lot of time to spend diagnosing. You may fix in 5 minutes or hours, but when you do you will have an excellent bike. I have a lot of pictures.