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There is a lot of speculation over on FJRForum that Yamaha because of the AE auto clutch have actually upped the alternator output to 590W @ 5000 rpm.
There is a post indicating that the generator and rectifer part have been changed, the problem is that the source is from a dealer only pdf and Yamaha have not released workshop manuals here so we can't confirm.


The US was one of the last places to get the '06's, can anyone in Europe or Aus with a workshop manual confirm the following.

page 2-13

AC Magneto

Model/Manufacturer LNX07/Denso
Standard Output 14.0 V 590 w 5000 r/min
Stator Coil Resistance 0.13-0.19 Ohms at 20 degrees C (68 degrees F)

Voltage regulator
Model/ manufacturer FH012AA/SHIDENGEN
Regulated voltage 14.2- 14.8V
Rectifier Capacity 50.0A

If this is true then the output has gone up 100W and the rectifer has been boosted by 15A to deal with it.

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