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Had a long chat with the FJR tech trainer at the yamaha display at daytona. They really have done their home work on the heat issue with the 06. Claimed a huge percentage drop in heat transfer to the rider. There is a plate above the engine that runs cool air under the raised tank and vents out below the bike. The new radiator is bigger, as we know, with a guard. The airflow from that is routed down and out under the bike or out through the fairing vents. The fairing adjustment has to do with the airflow across the riders legs and has nothing to do with the cooling of the engine. The Zeus fasteners can be released with a cent and the fairing set in or out. Out for less flow across legs etc. The upper vent under the screen is to reduce the back pressure on the rider and is always open.
On the AE the gear change is always set to the foot lever. If you want the hand flicker you have to press the button next to it. You can still change gear with the foot lever.
The gear selector drum is different then the manual with neutral being the first detent. Now here come the part that is totally different. There are a bunch of checks and cross checks between the cpu and the ecu including the ABS sensor that will allow a gear change to be made or not. If the system does not like the parameters it sees nothing will happen.
A couple of situations. Pin the throttle and select first. The revs will hit the limiter but the gearbox will not allow a gear selection until the revs drop to 1800 then it will allow the clutch to engage in whatever gear you have selected. If it is 5th then the clutch will slip until the bike moves. This is really bad for clutch life. However you selected 5th so!
If you selected first and you are moving with wot hang on. Keep the throttle pinned and hit second and then gear will change but not as crisply as first thought. On a manual bike the change with a fanned clutch or no clutch will be more instant.
On the AE there will be a slight increase in revs as the clutch is let out by the computer.
However that seems to be avoidable by allowing the engine to hit the limiter and then hitting the switch! Just a thought heh heh.
The linked ABS seems to be the best of both worlds being quite intelligent. From what I remember the rear comes on then the front if you hit the rear lever. If you hit the front brake lever as well then the rear works more on the rear brake.
The front brake is not linked if you use the handlebar lever only.
All in all a neat machine for making mega miles.
Oh yea they sold out both model runs.
What else? The seat is set up for 2 riders. Not much room to move back if you are one up. The adjustment up and down is made by moving a rack under the seat forward and back. Very simple. The rear pegs are in a better position.
The rest has been outlined elsewhere.
PS I saw the dude do the back flip when he won the heat race in supercross. The racing was pretty good also. Miguel picked up his bike and raced just as hard. What a guy!
Cagey Matt and way to go Zemke!
And watch out for Nikko Rosberg in F1. World Champ rookie???????
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