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Check your oil levels daily. Both bikes are smaller twins and they will use oil faster than I4s at highway speeds.

One more bit of maintenance advice. Except for checking tire pressure, you shouldn't be doing any bike maintenance (oil/filters/fluids, etc.) the day before or the day of the trip. Do it a week before so you have time to spot any leaks, etc.

The following is advice from a minimalist, so take it FWIW! :D

I really agree with the idea of trimming down what you are taking. Personally, I'd never carry a spare chain. If your current chain is worn and needs replacing, do it before the trip. If not, clean/adjust/lube and ride.

If I were riding deep into some remote territory I'd bring cooking gear and food to cook. Riding across the US (which I've done) - no thanks. Too much of a pita to clean, pack, carry every day. You can find decent restaurants (in all price ranges) in almost every town. Also, grocery store sandwiches, fried or baked chicken, salad, fruit, etc., can be purchased during the day and taken to a campsite at night.

A trip like this is an adventure no matter what you carry. I just don't like baggage getting in my way.

But hey, ride your own ride and have a great trip!

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Thanks for all the great advice, you've all been extremely helpful in our planning.

Just got the SPOT locator registered today.

This weekend is for oil changes and general maintenance, and a dry run of packing.

We intend to get our skeleton crew (one person) up to speed on running HVMP while we are gone. So if we are a little slower to respond to orders we beg your understanding.


Come visit us at the Concours Owners Group National Rally (6/16 to 6/19) in Johnson City , TN. We'll have a table set up there and will be selling a few bar ends.
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