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I recently quit trying to improve the comfort of the rider's saddle on my '04 FJR. The first attempt at improving comfort was a replacement of two inches of Yamaha foam with two inches (1" each of medium and firm) "astronaut" space-age foam. This resulted in a seat that allowed double the endurance, but an hour and a half of diminishing comfort just isn't enough. Next, the perfed vinyl area of the seat was replaced with 1" shearling sheep skin. It sure helped in the hot and cold weather, but realistically added little to long range endurance.

When Corbin came out with a direct replacement for either the rider and/or passenger seat, I ordered their rider saddle for the FJR. It is as good as the Corbin saddle that I'd had on my BMW. Hours of comfort and the shape prevents your jewels from creeping towards the tank. Installation involves removing the original saddle, sliding the Corbin in its place, and removing the key. All hardware works the same. :D
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