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Here is a link to a ride being organized up to Coonamble NSW. If you are interested, look here.
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The much talked about Coonamble amble is finally upon us, preparations have been made, changed and made again. For some of us it is just a short run (6 or 7 hundred klms) and for others there is a bit of a hike. We have discussed the weather but no one can really predict it so we prepare as best we can, this is but one story, Cejays tale.

Tuesday seemed like a good day to leave, originally the plan was to go south and take in the GOR but after some thought (rational for a change) it was decided to go South East, the GOR would have way too much traffic at this time of the year. This was later confirmed by TV reports of massive traffic Jams leaving Lorne...Good move Cejay.

The plan was to leave early in the morning and cover as much distance as possible before the glowing yellow god got too angry, but despite dropping the word to all and sundry that the Cejay wanted an early night on New Years Eve, we had company. My guests appologised for coming round knowing I was due for an early start and promised to have a couple of drinks and piss off, that was at 20:30. At 01:30 I finally pushed them out of the roller door and bid them a happy new year, time to go and finish packing. I got into bed at 02:30 and tried desperately to get some ZZZZs, it was not to be and still awake at 04:00 it was into the shower and dressed ready for the off, "Bye dear, see you in a week" "Yeah Ok, have a good time, Oh, and turn the light off some of us have to get some sleep!" "Right love"

Leaving home the temp was still a very balmy 30 degrees at 05:00, but this soon changed as I hit the hills and started to climb over the cutting, before long it was a cool 20 and I was loving it. From my home to the hills is about 15 mins and from there I had about 100 klms of beaut riding, constant left/right sweepers until I reached Palmer, at this point it was time to unleash and enjoy the last of the cool air as I rolled along at somewhere just a bit over the legal...Onest Ociffer. I hoped to put about 250 klms down before stopping and this was easy to achieve as I drifted through the fast sweepers on the way to Pinnaroo, my first stop.

As I was heading east it was not going to be very enjoyable, it was not long before the sun started to blind me and the temp soared to 33 degrees, stopping at Ouyen for fuel and an Ice Block (I have developed a real taste for the lemonade Icy poles now) was a welcome break as by now the temp was pushing 37 and it was still morning. The rest of the day did not get much easier, no more interesting bends and lots more heat, passing into Swan Hill for lunch at Maccas it was now 40 and the crowd at Maccas including the flies did not make for a pleasant rest, at least I had booked ahead and only had about three hours to go. I arrived at Cobram Motor Inn, a budget motel at 15:40 and was dissappointed to find that the motel units opened to the west, directly in to the afternoon sun, this situation soon improved when the proprietor passed me a tub of ice and a stubbie he had placed in the freezer an hour pays to ring up and confirm your booking.

Tea time was sorted by a variety from the local supermarket and a six pack of Carltons finest, by 19:00 the sun had passed behind the trees and I could move the bike in front off the motel room ready to clean of the days bugs. It was still 38 but I did not care any more.

More soon including some pics and vid links.
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