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FYI - this bug was driving me nuts... and a geek forum saved the day for me. I don't know how many people are affected, but...


In Windows 2000 - my file menus were acting strangely, and sometimes the computer would get stuck (technical term ;)) when trying to access different drives.

I checked task manager several times and I kept seeing this little bugger in there;


I kept thinking it was a virus or worm... and kept attacking it with everything I've got, but nothing would stop it from happening.

Then, geek to the rescue, he said... it's a process that was automatically updated from Microsoft in the last day or two - and it causes big conflict problems with a bunch of the little crap that HP installs on your system when connected to their hardware. In my office we have a bizillion HP things, so the process was shutting us down. It's a MS security thing, but I'm told it doesn't affect internet security. (I don't know what that means... )

Microsoft is working on a patch... but the geek gave me fix.

In "system32," find the file "verclsid.exe" and hard-rename it, change the suffix from .exe to .old - the computer won't be able to choke on it, until the next automatic MS update fixes it.

If your box is acting weird, you may want to give it a shot. It was really wrecking my day.

Sometimes, I love geeks! Peace.

(oh, you can google "verclsid.exe" and see geeks worldwide in a tizzy over it)

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