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Any auto electrical wizards out there help solve my problem on a 2001 gen 1 pre-abs fjr1300?
Its happening like this:
Prior to a (UK) MOT I had to have the 20+year forks rebuilt at my local Bike shop. Replaced seals.
Also added to that list was a weird earthing modification to the indicators at the back unit.
This earthing wire was fitted by the mechanic (who then left the shops employ!!) prior to the MOT failure for the fork seals. I needed to retest the MOT, but found once I was back mobile after refitting the reconditioned forks, the bike cut out.
It's now NOT a running bike!
NOT totally, but nothing from the fuel pump was heard again.
The starter motor runs. the lights ALL work, as does horn and the usual indicators/brake lights BUT the screen motor also failed. The neutal light went out whilst the keys were 'ON', then returned after I had fiddled with the wiring, cleaning etc under the fairing.

I also found as well as the earthing wire made to go to the frame at the rear of the bike from the earth at the rear indicators to the frame, that there was ANOTHER earthing wire added from a part of the front loom to the rectifiers mounts.
I have a switch to the fan to cool the thing.
THE FAN relay at the front had been removed and a spade-to-spade connector replaced the blown relay between 2 terminals. (a bridge)

Several sources tell me to,
CHECK the earthing on the entire front on the bike, removing the whole faring- which I have done.
CHECK all the relays under the front of the screen. Done- replacements sourced. But nearly all 'click' when the ignition goes on.
CHECK the FUEL PUMP. Done - fuel pump works, but not when plugged to the 2 connectors to the tank.
From the 2 connectors to the fuel pump I have a good live, and a fixed good earth to the loom. The continuity test says all is well with a good 1.2-2 ohms reading to the fuel pump, and a functioning earth.

I am waiting for the BRAND NEW starter cut out relay (under the seat) to turn up via a internet buy, but, ALL of the second hand ones I sourced (lent to me be a local breakers Yard) failed. Some were from Yamaha Thunderaces, others from Yamaha Viragos.
CHECKED the side stand switch, but not in detail, just bridged the connector and tried to start the bike, listening out for the FUEL PUMP to prime the bike. NOTHING, except a turning of the starter motor, and horn working plus lights, as I turn the key and push the starter. NO SCREEN MOTOR.
done and all sorted only blown one was a tiny 2A which I replaced.

MY FUEL PUMP WORKS. but not with all the earthing wires as is. (I found if I replaced the FUEL PUMP RELAY with the bridge wire (by mistake DUR!) the pump works just fine. BUT NOT when I return the PUMP Relay, and the bridge onto the fan relay.

ALL of the front fairing relays are working- they CLICK when active etc. (EXCEPT the FAN relay, now 'bridged'.)

Before I lose the will to 'spanner' anyone got any suggestions? AM I missing something? IS MY ECU fried? Have martians bought out Virgin trains, or has Batman married Robin whilst I was away in my shed?

Tim (under the rags at the corner of the shed shivering with bike withdrawal on hot sunny days)o_O
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