Trying to declutter and sell some stuff I'll never use again.
First two came off my 2016 FJR1300A bike that i bought from Ivan with 2k miles on them.
Rear seat grab handle... in new condition. Removed to put the aluminum accessory rack. Same cobalt blue color for 2006, 2012, 2016, and 2022, but will fit any Gen II and newer bike. Part # 3P6-24773-01-P2. Asking $80 shipped
Upper and lower triple clamps. They are in like new condition, they're not bent, broken or damaged in ANY way. I removed them to do a USD fork conversion and needed new triples for the USD forks. Will work on any 2013-current A model bike, and about 90% sure they'll work on any Gen II bike. Part # is different as the lower now has a hole in the bottom of the triple... great for using a front stand that mounts to the triple.
Removed all bolts to use on new triples, but has OEM bearings.
Part #'s 1MC-23340-10-00 and 3P6-23435-10-00. Asking $80 shipped.
Some misc stuff.... Corbin smuggler latch and key. Had an extra and since sold smuggler. Make an offer
Two pistons from a 2007 FJR. Did a motor swap and took apart the old engine. I kept one, polished it up really nice and is a nice piece. No piston rings included. Make an offer
Back-off brake module and headlight modulator. Came off the 2007 bike and is a simple install... almost plug and play. Asking $40 shipped.