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Cee Bailey's - fantastic service

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I recently purchased a Cee Bailey's short windshield for my 2006. The windshield is great but I wanted it to have a little more sport look so I cut off a few inches from the sides at the top. It came out very nice and makes the FJ actually look like a motorcycle from the front. I would attach a picture if I could figure out how to do it.

At any rate I liked it so much I sent a few pictures to Cee Bailey's and suggested they add the design to their offerings and asked if they would make one for me as my handi work was not perfect. Their reply, the next day, was - YES we'll make one for you - FREE - if I would send them some pictures when I put it on the bike. They asked for a few measurements and said they would start on it this week. All this happened within two days of my first e-mail.

I didn't expect to get a response - instead I have a new custom windshield in process in 2 days - unbelievable.
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