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One of the nice features of the software that runs this site is the ability link to smilies/emoticons from other sites.

Soooo, if you just can't wait for Joos to get more emoticons up, here is what you do...

1) In a separate window or tab goto a site like and find a smiley/emoticon you would like to use.
2) Click on the smiley/emoticon.
3) Copy the text for the smiley/emoticon (the text is located on the upper left corner of the smiley/emoticon choices).
4) Paste the text in the proper place of your post.
5) Click "preview" to check your post to make sure your link is displayed properly.

Another good site for Smilies/Emoticons is They offer a very nice selection of smilies/emoticons as well. However, when you use their smilies/emoticon you must remember to use the "
" tags before and after the link, as they do not automatically insert them for you like emoticons4u does. If you forget to insert the opening and closing "tags" your smiliey/emoticon will be displayed as a link rather than a image.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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