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Brisbane Riders..."Lets ride again"

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Hello to all...and allow me first to wish you all the very best for 2007! I hope everyone had a good Christmas and fantastic New Years.

But now back to serious bussiness....

It has been a while since we've all met up for a ride day (I have a dream ride in September 2006). How about we get together for another ride day ?

I was thinking Sunday February the 4th for this ride.

We could meet and gather at about 8.00 AM at the Mt Cootha Lookout (another photo oportunity :crylarf: ) and head for Mt Nebo onto Mt Glorious for Breakfast at the Miaila Cafe there about 9 ish (very Biker friendly little place) and head for the Samford valley onto Dayboro for a coffee or light refreshment, Mt Mee, Woodford, Peachester and Beerwah for lunch at the pub at about 1230. Then head back to Brisbane via Old Gympie Rd (Glasshouse Mountains scenic route...more pictures :roll: ) towards Caboolture and back to Brisbane approx 3.30 ish

I know it's a fair ride (approx. 245 Km's from Mt Cootha back to Mt Cootha.)..but it's a great ride. Plenty of twisties and good scenery to enjoy with plenty of stops. I thought we can just take the freeway back towards Brisbane and everyone can just peel off home from there.

Who's in?

Moose :ale:
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what happened to breaky at Fernvale and the ride from there? we can do the Dam ride from there if you luike over Glorious
Moose, Fernvale is 150k's from home on the good road, or 120 along the highway. We'll probably take the highway, and be at the Fernvale Bakery for late breakfast around 9:30, maybe earlier (suggest we aim to leave there soon after 10). My mobile no is 0418 787869. I have yours, so we can text if needed.
Moose, thanks for arranging the interesting ride. I'm not sure if the 4 of us qualify as dual-sports, or out-and-and motocrossers now. Who needs a KTM when you have an FJR :crylarf: :crylarf:

Seriously, another fun ride, and found new roads (and new places where they should make roads), and rode some favourites again. Pictures will follow :ale:
A sign of things to come:

At least the weather was good:

Keep going:

When we did hit bitumen it didn't last long:

The triumphant ride leader:

Did anyhting shake loose?:

Moose, the tyre says 'Sport Touring' :crylarf: :crylarf: :

Of course there aren't any piccies of the good bits - we were riding too fast to get the camera out. But we did stop at a scenic outlook suggested by the romantic of the group. There were chairs all set out for a mountaintop wedding. Half an hour later and we could have been uninvited guests:

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Nice report David. Thanks for following me for the day.....(fools :crylarf: ) It's much easier to blame someone else isn't it? At least when I lead the ride we see no rain...or cops....or bitumen :crylarf: It was great to catch up again.

Moose :ale:
41 - 45 of 45 Posts
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