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A friend of mine checked up on stones 020 and came up with the following;
"I did some research on the Bridgestones. On Motorcycle accessory
warehouse website I noticed about 5 different types of the BT020's.
So I went to the official Bridgestone website and found out there are
many different types for different bikes. Some have differences as
much as 1 milimeter in the depth of tread. I have experienced as
much as 2000 mile difference out of the rear Stones. I must have
been buying different types. I got close to 8000 miles out of the
rear that came from the factory which is most likely the "N" type

The FJR takes the "N" type. The MAW website has all the different
types. Southwest tire web no types listed. Even though they have "free" shipping, the MAW people charged me $18 for shipping and they were still cheaper than SouthWest. $214 delivered to my door for front and rear. Thats a good deal to me. Milos"

Just thought I'd pass this on. Ian, Iowa
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