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Deb & I rode down to Ojai, Ca to get ourselves a Bill Meyer custom seat to replace the stock POS we have now. We've been through the original stock seat, a Rick Meyer, a Corbin, and this second stocker, ALL of which did not work for us. Good reports abounded about Bill (Rocky) Meyer and his work.
Rancho Cordova to Ojai was 480 miles, of which the first 150 was bearable on the stock seat. My ass by this time had two "burn marks" because of the tendency to slide into the tank. Added to that was the fact that Deb was sliding into me -- a position which was welcomed, but under different circumstances --.
Anyway, out come the Travelcade Gel pads to be strapped onto both seats. They worked fine for about 10 miles untill my butt remembered it was already raw and in pain, and I also felt like I was riding on top of a bowl of unsteady gello. We were both relieved to be able to slowly pry ourselves out of the saddles when we got to the Best western Casa in Ojai. If you need a quiet place to stay, this is the motel for you
Up early the next day and arrive at Bill Meyer's place at 07.15, to be welcomed by Adrian, Rodrigo & Sergio, our craftsman for the day. Susan, the office manager arrived 1/2 hour later to make us feel more welcome.
The work began (photo's later), by having us sit on the bike and our seating positions were noted. Many questions where asked of us by Adrian, we asked many, our concerns about seating were listened to intently.
A while later we ride tested the partially finished product to see what further mods. needed to be made. We did this 3 times until Adrian & ourselves were satified we had reached "perfection" for our own particular butts. This involved a shaving here and a dishing there with much advise in-between. These guys really know their business.
Five hours later, we were happy customers with new seats covered in leather. An interesting and pleasureable experience.
Now the best part of the day , when riding down the driveway into Bill Meyer's came our very own Tim (TWN) Baron Von Posty, who had very kindly managed to squeeze us into his busy day for a spot of lunch in Ojai. Really good to see his smiling face once again - it had been too long. It was Tim's e-mail to me that finally made my choice of a Bill Meyer saddle.
Anyhow, the ride back home the next day, we split into two sections by riding up Hwy 1 and staying in Carmel overnight (to relive our honeymoon ) - and there you have 290 miles. tack on another 220 miles from Carmel to home, and you have a 510 mile ride on butts that were already sore. But this time -- aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh . What a difference! Nirvana! Money truly well spent. Adrian said the seats will "break in" and be better molded to our butts after approx 1000 miles.
Whooooaaa -- I'm sold right now, likewise for Debbie. can't imagine them BETTER!! but looking forward to it all the same.
Different butts for different seats I know, but after 3 different seats we've found the ones we're keeping.
Here endeth the "chronicle', except for when I get the piccy's sorted out.
Hope this will assist anyone else out there looking for a new seat.
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