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The tax hogs stay pretty hungry. They're bad here but you Brits seems to stay on the cutting edge of maximum tax on the citizens. Good luck with all that. :?

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With LCD tech now there has got to be something of a plate cover that can black out your numbers at will. I have heard of such things but here in the US camera's are not used a bunch (YET). Maybe something to look into.

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There is hope

photo radar
Home > Products > Photo Radar > VF Photo Jammer

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VF Photo Jammer VF Photo Jammer is a superb single photo jammer for defeating photo traps... No ticket in the mail!

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VF Photo Jammers have been tested against photo traps in the UK and Canada since early 2004. (Enlarge Photo)

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Day or night, it is not possible for an analog, infrared or digital camera to acquire the license plate image using a VF Photo Jammer.

How It Works
The VF Photo Jammer uses a remarkable compact flash device that renders your license plate invisible to enforcement cameras, which are designed to photograph your license plate for the purpose of sending you a ticket in the mail.

The unit mounts discreetly above your license plate and features a self test mode, dash warning light and a control unit.

Using a sophisticated sensor the VF immediately detect the police camera flash, and in that instant flashes the license plate with a powerful burst of white light.

This downward flash across the plate instantly exposes your license plate with a powerful protective glow, so that the enforcement camera can not image the license plate number.

Works with all traps!
This technology works against all analog photo traps, infrared photo traps and most importantly, against all digital photo traps, which are 90% of all cameras used today.

Photo cameras using pressure mats on the highway use infrared to tell the camera when to fire, but it too will be defeated.

The VF Photo Jammer mounts at the top of your license plate in a water proof package. A water tight control unit mounts in the car or truck engine compartment; or on the motorcycle frame.

Simply attach the photo jammer to your license plate, connect the ground and 12Vdc wires to an ignition controlled fuse box; and the VF is on your side, working for you every time you drive your truck, car or motorcycle.

Front and Rear Protection
For ultimate protection, get a VF Photo Jammer for your front and rear license plate. Sold Worldwide.

Note: Buyer assumes all responsibility for using this cover in compliance with local motor vehicle codes in their area of vehicle use.

Limited One Year Factory Warranty

All orders are shipped via UPS, please no PO Boxes. Orders over $150.00 require signature. Orders prior to 4:00 PM PST are normally shipped the same business day ordered. Shipping time (overnight, second day) are business days. weekends are excluded..

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I've thought about making a 'Shoe box' mount for my plate.
Recess the plate over the rear wheel, and put it at the 'bottom' of the box. If a LEO rolls in behind you, (s)he can see the plate plainly, but from any other angle, the plate is obscured by the walls of the box.

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Wouldn't work here, as the law stipulates angles from the side at which the plate must be visible, and these are pretty close to side on.

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I wonder if the glare of a high intensity bulb, placed close to the license plate, could over-expose the photo.

If that doesn't do it, maybe adding a highly polished plastic cover over the plate in addition to the bright bulb may cause enough reflection to over-expose.

I have a high intensity lamp around somewhere. I may just test it.

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