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I know it is a real long shot but I figure I would ask on a few forums and see if anybody had a lead.
I have been looking for one of these belts for a while now and aside from a single EBay seller that has not / will not respond and want's far too much (IMHO) and a single ended auction years ago I cannot find one. They were manufactured and sold out of Alberta Canada and hoping that with the amount of Canadians in here and Fathers/Grandfathers there may be a chance, even if it is miniscule, that someone might have one of these sitting in storage or their garage. I intend on bringing my daughter along this spring/summer on rides and showing her the ropes. All of the other devices I have seen I do not feel like they are adequate for the job. Most of them are cheap Chinese wrap arounds, do not have a spacer pad, don't sit high enough on the child to protect from a unplanned nap and just seem pretty shotty. I like this design and my only other option will be to construct one out of much of the same materials I already use for shooting/hiking etc. (I am fairly well stocked with MOLLE gear) I know the chances are slim to none but figured I would put it out there.
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I believe that this is the harness you're looking for. Mine is the original version with D-ring type straps for the child to grab on to. I seem to recall that later versions came with handlebar-like handholds. The manufacturer went out of business many years ago and I bought this one from ParkerBros Powersports in Toronto, also now out of business.

It is very easy to use: Secure the child in the harness, climb onto your bike and lift the child up and swing him/her behind you while you are straddling the bike (with the bike on its side stand, of course), then sit down and secure the belt around your waist. The thick inner belt can be a little short to wear over your riding jacket (or of you're a full-figured fellow) but the belt that goes over top of the thick belt and around both you and the child is long enough for all but the largest of us!

I may be willing to part with this. PM me and we can talk.


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