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Back up fuse

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What is the "back up" fuse for on my '07 fjr? It has full time power but can't figure out what it powers. I am still chasing a power draw and I am wondering if it could be the culprit.
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Check the current with ignition off - that's the only way to determine if the draw is unexpectedly high. I can leave my 2016 (with original battery) in the garage without a battery tender for a month or more and it always fires right up.
Same here - my "winter storage procedure" for the FJR is to pull it into the garage and remove the key (usually late October, early November). De-winterizing involves turning the key and pressing "start" on the ignition sometime in March. It's been years since I've plugged a battery into a tender over the winter.
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That's a LOJACK device. No surprise it's draining the battery as it needs to be constantly sending location data.

I just googled the FCC ID on the box.

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