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2003 FJR1300 Liquid Silver
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My primary mission was to travel from Laurel, Mississippi with my mother's ashes and lay them to rest in a grave in Port Republic, New Jersey.
Total mileage was just over 2,600.

Mom was the first to introduce me to riding at age 2, so it seemed only fitting that I take her home with a motorcycle. You see, I couldn't bury her ashes right away because the ground was frozen, so I took her back to Mississippi with plans to finish what I promised at a later date. Eight years later, I fulfilled that promise.

I made the first leg in two days, stopping overnight at Hungry Mother State Park in Marion, VA. It was a weird setup with raised wooden platforms. Had to improvise a bit. The trek up the hill was no joke, either. Steep and wet. I slept well, though.

The rain in the forecast stayed just ahead of me the whole way. I got to my friend Joe's house dry.

We took care of Mom's ashes the next morning. May she test in peace.

From there, I visited old friends and a cousin. One friend has a shop and a collection of vintage dirt bikes that would blow your mind.

Another friend has a stock car currently driven by Tyler Truex. (Yes, related to Martin Truex.)
We are all racers or former racers of some sort. Mostly enduro.

From there, I headed west to Williamstown, PA to visit my niece. After that, I pointed the FJR south toward the Tail of the Dragon where I stayed at the Iron Horse Lodge. (Familiar surroundings.)

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